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You are unique

I LOVE listening to different Coelihackers describe their gluten free journeys. Every Coelihacker takes a different path to be diagnosed and everyone has different symptoms or no symptoms at all when GLUTENED. It makes each of us and our stories unique. However, it also makes it difficult to diagnose those who do not know they have Coeliac Disease since there are so many possible reasons why you may have certain symptoms or no symptoms at all. For example, Coeliac Australia predicts over 80% of individuals remain undiagnosed.

For some individuals, it was like an unfinished puzzle, you had some symptoms for years but no-one was able to quite figure out why until one day someone somewhere thought to test you for Coeliac Disease. For others like me, you came down suddenly with virus-like symptoms and were told to rest for a few weeks until you returned to normal, however, you never recovered and were diagnosed. Additionally, some of you were diagnosed by chance with no visible systems or only because a family member had been diagnosed.

What is your Coeliac Disease/gluten intolerance story? 

Image credit: James Wheeler

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