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With the holiday season approaching, my family members are starting to ask what gifts they can buy me for Christmas. For some family members, the whole "Gluten Free" lifestyle can cause a bit of a panic. Some are worried they will buy me a box of chocolate with gluten in it by accident. Some are worried they will buy me a packet of gluten free biscuits and won't taste nice. Others are a bit too scared to even attempt the "Gluten Free" food yet.

For my family, being "Gluten Free" is quite new. I was the first diagnosed with Coeliac disease. No one understood cross contamination or label reading prior to my diagnosis. BUT I really appreciate all the effort they have gone to for me since. It's been fantastic having such a supportive family and friends network.

When starting Coelihack, I wanted to offer products that I believe assist with maintaining a "Gluten Free" lifestyle. Coming from a large household, I didn't expect the rest of my family to give up "Gluten" because of me. I didn't want to feel excluded because I was "Gluten Free" and I didn't want my family members to feel excluded because they were "Gluten". Our products focus on minimising cross contamination whilst including everyone. Because it's NOT only your journey, it impacts the people around you.

I hope you find our products useful is navigating a "Gluten Free" lifestyle, whether you are at home, a family/friends house, food shopping or on the go. To make Coelihack as relevant as possible to those living a "Gluten Free" lifestyle, we would like to ask you:

What non-food Gluten Free products would you like Coelihack to offer in 2019? Where would you like to see our products?

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