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Welcome Coelihackers!

Welcome Coelihackers!

My name is Hanako, and I would like to welcome you to the Coelihack blog. I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease over a year ago and have been living Gluten Free ever since. It has been an unpredictable journey, and at times both physically and emotionally draining.

I understand everyone's experience is different and unique; their diagnosis, symptoms, and the way they decide to manage their new Gluten Free life. The first few posts on this blog are my diagnosis story. In reading my story, I'm sure many of you will find yourselves reflecting on your own diagnostic journeys. I encourage you to share them here. For those currently in the process of being diagnosed, I hope you can relate in some way to my experience, and use it to assist you in navigating your way to a Gluten Free life.

At Coelihack, we invite anyone living a Gluten Free lifestyle to become a fellow Coelihacker. Why Coelihacker? Because we want to create an inclusive, collaborative community. We hope everyone can be a part of our blog discussions, learn tips and tricks from fellow Coelihackers, and enjoy our speciality, eco-friendly products.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you on Coelihack. A new topic will be posted every two weeks. Each post will focus on a unique situation that I have faced since going Gluten Free. I hope that by discussing these topics, all my fellow Coelihackers can be better prepared for their unique Gluten Free journey.

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