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Trick or treat?

Everyone can get frustrated, angry, annoyed, disappointed and sad. It can occur unexpectedly and during any point in time. For me, I recently felt very sad and annoyed whilst preparing a large lasagne for my friends to enjoy for my partner's birthday celebration. I wasn't annoyed at my partner for asking me to prepare his favourite meal. I wasn't annoyed at my friends for eating it all up and enjoying themselves. I wasn't upset because I had to cook, I love cooking. I was sad not only because it used to be my favourite meal pre-coeliac diagnosis BUT because on this particular day I was uncomfortable hot, recovering from being glutened, hungry and exhausted.

Whilst the lasagne was cooking away in the oven, I sat down and had a few pieces of gluten free chocolate with a peppermint tea. It tasted fantastic. The dark chocolate melting in my mouth giving me a sugar buzz, whilst the peppermint tea soothed my stomach pain for being glutened the day before. Before I knew it, I had consumed half the block of chocolate! I was feeling better, happier. Later that night was a different story as I had terrible stomach pain, bloating and nausea.

What is your guilty gluten free food pleasure? Are your symptoms worth it?

Mine is chocolate. Even though I don't feel great a few hours afterwards, it tastes amazing to me. Whenever, I am feeling down, I have some. Whenever, I feel faint or are craving some sugar, I have some. However, it's really a trick! My body's way of saying maybe this doesn't agree with you.  I know it is coeliac safe and I am most likely intolerant or sensitive to one of the ingredients, but will that stop me? No... Not until I find another gluten free guilty pleasure food like this chocolate.

Image Credit: Hanako

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