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Positive Thinking

Sometimes having coeliac disease can be extremely difficult and emotionally draining. From always needing to bring your own food to any event, to constantly preparing food for every meal, and asking what seems like a thousand questions at restaurants to make sure gluten free food actually means GLUTEN FREE. Occasionally, this can be time consuming, frustrating and disappointing.

But other times having a chronic illness can be positive. For instance, you get to choose what to bring and eat at events. Whether it is a friend's wedding, an AFL game, theatre production or outdoor music festival, you have the power to bring whatever you decide. You don't have to be one of the individuals waiting in line for 30 minutes to get a $12 cold hamburger with a soggy bun from the lettuce and tomato that only partially satisfies your hunger because they sold out of hot chips. You don't have to be the one to choose between a hamburger, pie, sushi, chips or chocolate because that is all that's on offer. You can bring food suitable for your dietary requirements. This could mean copious amounts of dips, cheeses, meats, salads, chocolate, ice-cream, cupcakes, cookies and other packaged goods. You have the power in this situation, and for me, that's something positive that came from being diagnosed with coeliac disease - eating more satisfying foods at events.

What was one positive thing that changed in your life after being diagnosed with coeliac disease/gluten intolerance?

Image Credit: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

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