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Looking good while bloated

If you are like me, bloating is something you learn to live with. It comes and goes, and usually at the most inconvenient times. For me, when I am bloated sometimes I don't feel beautiful, and I feel like I have no clothes to wear. When this happens, I remind myself that I am still beautiful even with my cute little belly and that I just need to be strategic with what I wear - as I don't want anyone asking if I am pregnant. So here is what is in my wardrobe:

  1. Elasticated-waist dresses - these dresses may not hide the bloated belly that well but they will adjust with your body
  2. Tunic, Box or Pinafore dresses - by not highlighting the waist, these dresses perfectly hide a bloated belly. You can highlight your figure with a belt which is easily adjustable throughout the day
  3. Wrap dresses or tops - these dresses and tops may not completely hide the bloated belly but you can adjust them as your body changes during the day
  4. Peplum tops - gives you shape without focusing on the bloating
  5. Oversized t-shirts and button-up shirts – Rather than buying tight tops, but tops in a size or two larger to avoid clinging to your skin
  6. Baggy jumpers - who doesn't love a baggy jumper for a cold winter day!
  7. Elasticated shorts, skirts and jeans - Elasticated pants are your friend. Traditional jeans and zip up skirts will not adjust as you bloat. By replacing them with elasticated versions you can still show off your curves whilst being able to adjust with your bloating.
  8. Leggings - great for under dresses or oversized shirts when wanting a comfortable, stretchy, chilled outfit.
  9. Bralettes – it's amazing how a bit of bloating can cause a wire bra to become painful. I have switched to bralettes. No wire, comfortable, adjusts with my body and supportive.

What have you added to your wardrobe to look good while bloated?

Image credit: Rhiannon

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