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It just wouldn't fit

Three months after I was diagnosed, I did a massive wardrobe cleanout. I tend to do this task annually to remove items that I would no longer wear or that are worn out.

I was frustrated with the items I had and felt I could no longer wear some of the items. At the time, I was suffering with bad bloating, nausea and stomach pain to the point where I couldn't wear anything restricting.

I tried on every item. I wanted to see how it looked, if I still felt beautiful wearing it, if I wanted to get it adjusted, or just get rid of it. Afterwards, there was a massive pile of clothes on the floor including dresses, tops, pants, shorts, jumpers, jackets, and belts. By far the biggest clean out I have ever done.

Some of the items I sold, and others I gave to charities. A few select items were kept, as I was hoping that once I started to heal I would be able to wear what was once a favourite item again.

So recently, I tried on the few old favourites again during my annual cleanout. I am no longer suffering from the bad bloating, nausea and stomach pain (unless I have been GLUTENED). I started by trying one of my favourite everyday bras. There was nothing fancy about it, it was just so comfortable and used to fit me perfectly. However, now it didn't. I tried to adjust the straps, but it didn't matter what I did, the bra just didn't seem right.

Next, I tried on a pair of jeans. These jeans were light blue, high waisted, and elasticated at the top and cuffs. The jeans fitted okay but were uncomfortable. I noticed the jeans had unevenly faded in my wardrobe after not being worn in over a year.

I was disappointed. These used to be some of my favourite clothes. Yes, they USED to be. I am not the same person I was before being diagnosed. I have changed after being on this gluten free journey. I cannot go back to being the old me. I would feel uncomfortable. Just as the old clothes felt uncomfortable on me. So I will say goodbye to my old favourite bra and jeans, and embrace my new favourites. Clothes that make the new me feel beautiful, bloated or not!

Image Credit: Hanako

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