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How do I food prep?

Today I am writing this blog post from my bed. I am in my PJs and have gone through a whole tissue box in half a day. I have pretty much slept the past few days away. Yes, I have the flu AGAIN.

It seems that my immune system is weaker since going Gluten Free. I know the reason why I am sick AGAIN. It's because my body is still recovering from the damage caused from eating gluten. I have only been a Coelihacker for a year and a half. But it is frustrating.

However, today I am grateful for being prepared, with food preparation. One thing I started doing when I first came down sick was food prepping. I was so tired all the time, that I didn't have the energy to prepare each meal from scratch. So I started by preparing enough food for a few days, and now I prepare enough in one go to last a week! I know some Coelihackers prepare enough food for a few weeks or months, but I find weekly works for me.

The first step is to get everything I intend to use out of the fridge. I eat a lot a fresh fruit and vegetables. It takes time to wash, peel, and cut them. Then, I cook the meals we intend to eat for the first few days. We store these ready-to-eat meals in the fridge or freezer. I put the rest of the fruit and vegetables in the fridge to quickly prepare meals later in the week. I find I can usually do this in 3 hours over the weekend. Later in the week, using the pre-cut fruit and vegetables saves so much time in the kitchen. We also save money on groceries and decrease our food waste as we only buy what we need for each meal.

My partner and I do this together. It saves us time and energy during the week to focus on the things that matter to us. Yes it may be tedious, but we can talk about our weeks, and listen to podcasts. It's a task you can do with your whole family. To bring the fun back into food! So...

What are your food prepping tips?

Image Credit: Hanako

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