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How to minimise cross contamination

Living in a shared household with gluten and gluten free members can be daunting. There is always the potential to be GLUTENED so extra care is needed, especially since only a tiny amount of gluten is needed to make you sick. To minimise the cross contamination risk, here are my tips: 

  1. Have designated gluten and gluten free shelves in the pantry and fridge. Check all ingredients when purchasing items and once again when you are storing the items away. Gluten free items should always be on the top shelves and in sealed containers to minimise the chance of gluten being spilled on gluten free items. 
  2. Replace any utensils, chopping boards, non-stick pans etc. which are easily scratched. Gluten can hide in the smallest places. 
  3. Buy a second toaster or use toaster bags to minimise cross contamination. 
  4. Buy a second sandwich press or use baking paper when making a toastie. 
  5. Wipe down all kitchen benches before cooking. You don't know who has prepared food or placed other items on the bench. 
  6. Thoroughly clean your BBQ if possible or use a BBQ mat or aluminium foil when cooking. 
  7. Place your gluten free kitchen items in their own designated draw and LABEL EVERYTHING clearly. 
  8. Be careful when cooking gluten and gluten free food. Always try to cook the gluten free food first or make sure you are preparing the food in separate locations to minimise accidental gluten exposure. 
  9. Use separate butter containers and other condiments to minimise cross contamination. 
  10. Use Coelihack kitchen items to ensure during the cooking process that you do not accidentally gluten yourself!

Image credit: Rhiannon

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