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Gluten free and busy?

Having to eat Gluten Free due to having Coeliac Disease has made me a more organised individual. Between constantly needing to plan for meals, researching where to eat out, and being proactive with my health, I have become better at prioritising. My health will always come first.

However, we all go through stressful busy periods. Maybe it's work deadlines, school exams, or sick family members. Sometimes you can plan for these events and sometimes you just have to react. During these stressful times, I use a few helpful tips to make sure I am still eating healthy nutritious meals so that I feel good:

  1. I write down a To-Do list for the month, week and day. This enables me to rearrange tasks depending on how busy I am. By doing so, I can keep track of tasks that still need to be completed, which tasks are a priority, and which can be delayed till the following month. Within my To-Do list, I have a designated section for health. It enables me to keep track of when I need to make time for meal prepping, getting out for exercise and sleep.
  2. I have simpler gluten free meals. I always try my best to eat healthy, but sometimes you can only designate a small portion of time to meal prepping. Usually, I would spend half a day on Sunday preparing my meals for that week. But when I am busy, I usually need this time to complete other tasks. In order to not compromise my eating habits, I opt for:
  • Pre-made rice and quinoa instead of cooking my own.
  • Raw fruit and vegetables like tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers, and carrot sticks over cooked vegetables.
  • Pre-cut fruit and vegetables instead of preparing them myself.
  • Cereal over cooked breakfasts (french toast, rice pudding, fried or poached eggs on toast).
  • Omelettes or toasties over cooked meals.
  • Eating frozen meals that I had prepared on other meal prepping weeks during less stressful periods.
  • Healthy snack foods – fruits, nuts, vegetable sticks and dips.

What tips do you have for someone who is gluten free during stressful busy times?

Image credit: Suzy Hazelwood

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