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Footy Fever

When I was growing up in Australia, one of the biggest sports that you could play or watch was the Australian Football League (AFL). Many parents take their sons to play on a Saturday or Sunday morning, whilst their daughters play netball or watch their brothers. Then they go home to watch the big game on TV. Each game lasts 2-3 hours, and there are several games on each week.

Many Australians have a favourite team that they support each week, often attending their home games at the local stadiums around Australia. These supporters will dress in their team's colours, wear their jerseys, and fly across Australia to see them play in the AFL grand final (if they managed to make it that far).

Tomorrow is this year's AFL grand final. There are many parades, celebrations and events held leading up to the day. Over 100,000 will attend the game. Millions will watch the game at local stadiums, pubs or in the comfort of their own homes. Family and friends will come together to celebrate the occasion by having plenty to drink and too much to eat over the course of the game. Usually eating grazing platters, chicken wings, chips, burgers, pizzas, pies, chocolate, lollies and other snack food. Anything quick, easy and unhealthy. It's a day filled of excitement and emotion.

But for me it's also a day in which the potential to be GLUTENED increased tenfold, especially since most of the foods will be consumed using just your fingers. I could bring a gluten free grazing platter, which could be contaminated by gluten crackers. I could bring my own gluten free pizza base or burger bun which could be contaminated by using the same knife for the butter, or when slicing the different pizzas.

In order to be able to relax and enjoy myself, I will bring my own snack food. Some to share with everyone. However, my portion will be in a separate untouched container. Choosing the best foods to snack on is difficult. So Coelihackers...

What are your favourite snack foods for watching TV with friends or family?

Image Credit: Rhiannon

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