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Finger Food

For someone like me, I like to plan things out. This may be my project management training; it may be because I am a student producing a thesis, or a combination of both. Regardless, I like to plan and think things through. You see, everything is a process. You may think you are just going to a singular event, for example a friend's birthday dinner. However, it is a process. You need to think about accepting or declining the invitation, a killer outfit, the birthday gift, transportation to the event, what you are going to eat, how to split the bill...

So what about someone with Coeliac disease going for a picnic? You need to decide on a date, time, location, who to invite, what food you are going to prepare, transportation, utensils, chairs/blankets, games to play etc. But once you have prepared your food, driven to the park, set up your picnic blanket, unpacked your food, hugged all your friends and family, and sat down, you may have traces of gluten on your hands... Think about the process. You have touched chairs/picnic blankets, car doors, the car steering wheel, eskies, food containers, cutlery, paper plates, plastic cups, napkins, outdoor cricket set, the communal BBQ, and that's before you throw kids into the mix! So before you touch your carrot sticks or gluten free crackers...

What do you use to clean your hands when out and about?

Image credit: Brittany Gaiser

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