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Favourite Kitchen Items

One of the most difficult things about being gluten free is struggling to find quick take-away options. As it is rarely an option, I end up spending more time in the kitchen cooking meals for myself. Since being gluten free, I have invested money in getting kitchen items to help me cook healthy, nutritious meals. I have found getting these items to be a helpful investment and make cooking a more enjoyable task.

The most useful kitchen items I have invested in include:

  1. Slow cooker – I love putting dinner on in the morning and walking through the door after a long day to a house smelling wonderful with dinner ready to put on the table. It's a fantastic item and you can cook SO MUCH in a slow cooker, including marinated meats, curry, cakes, and soups.
  2. Nutri Ninja Blender – I am a HUGE fan of soups. The Nutri Ninja blender is great for smoothies and soups, and I love the different sized blender containers with lids allowing you to drink it on-the-go straight from the container. The parts are easily washable and dishwasher safe. There are many good blenders available to choose from, so invest in a good one based on your personal needs.
  3. Sandwich Press – Rather than buying a new toaster, I decided to invest in a sandwich press. I use it to make gluten free toast, and toasties. You can also use it to cook fritters and pancakes. 
  4. Reusable containers – Since I meal prep, I use a lot of containers to store gluten free meals in. These containers have to be dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe to be considered by me. Investing in good quality containers, not only allows you to reuse them again and again, but helps to preserve the flavours, and makes meal prepping easier.
  5. Coelihack Tea Towels, Oven Mitts and Aprons - I love using my Coelihack kitchenware items when cooking. Not only are they fantastic quality but they look great! They make cooking in a shared kitchen easier as they make Gluten/Gluten Free usage easily identifiable.

What are your favourite kitchen items?

Image credit: Hanako

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