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Being the gluten detective

Recently, I attended a BBQ with some friends. It was to celebrate one of their birthdays, and involved cooking food on their BBQ, a few drinks, swimming in their pool, and catching up. I decided to go BUT to bring my own salads and drinks as I didn't want to have to leave early because I was GLUTENED.

After going for a swim, I decided to sit in the sun whilst they cooked their food on the BBQ. As I looked around, I realised how easy it was for me to be contaminated with GLUTEN. Cross contamination can occur on shared BBQs, food preparation areas, and unclean cooking utensils. To deal with these cross contamination hot spots, I tend to wipe down all food preparation areas prior to using them, rewash cooking utensils or bring my own, and use alfoil or a BBQ mat to cook on shared BBQs, or use a clean pan to cook on in the kitchen.

However, there were some unexpected sources of cross contamination. For example, one of my friends offered me ice for my drink from her esky. I originally answered yes, but then noticed many of my friends were preparing food, and then using their hands to scoop up some ice for their drinks without washing their hands in between touching their food and the ice. Luckily, I noticed this before putting the ice in my drink. This example highlights why it is important to be a gluten detective in every situation.

What has been an unexpected source of gluten cross contamination for you?

Image credit: EVG photos

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