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Behind the Product Design

We are SO excited. We are over the moon! Our products have recently arrived, and our designs have come to life. We've worked tirelessly throughout the year to create quality products that are eco-friendly, and we're thrilled with the results. In this special blog post, we'd like to share the ideas behind our designs, and why we hope you'll find them helpful if you're living gluten free.


Our kitchenware range is designed for "Gluten Free" and shared "Gluten" / "Gluten Free" households. The range attempts to minimise cross contamination. For instance, if you live in a shared household, have you ever looked at a tea towel after someone has made a sandwich and wiped their hands, knife or plate on it? Have you ever pulled a dish out of the oven and gotten the food all over the oven mitts because it spilled out over the sides? Have you gone food shopping and put "Gluten" and "Gluten Free" cereal in the same shopping bag and noticed the crumbs at the bottom of the bag? Our products are intended to keep gluten separate, and our clearly identifiable designs will act as a reminder to you and your friends when you're cooking or on the go.

Our kitchenware items come in three main styles: icon, pattern and text. Our icons and patterns are custom designed, and started with pen and paper, and a lot of discussion. We started designing our "Gluten Free" icon with the idea of sitting down for a meal. You have a plate, knife and fork, and lots of food. Our icon incorporated these elements by using the knife and fork as the barrier between you and "Gluten" products.

We wanted to create functional designs that you'll still be proud to have hanging in your kitchen. All our kitchenware items are made from certified organic cotton and are printed with water-based inks. These quality products are manufactured in the UK to ensure they last a long time.


We wanted to create a stationery range that caters specifically for gluten free living. We have three designs. The basic shopping list (DL), categorical shopping list (A5), and the meal planner with perforated shopping list (A4).

Anyone can use the basic shopping list and meal planners as they do not categorise "Gluten" and "Gluten Free". The categorical shopping list breaks the food categories into fruit and veg, dairy, meat and seafood, home, "Gluten" and "Gluten Free". The great thing about the categorical shopping list is it reminds you to check those food labels whilst at the shop. This is particularly useful if you are new to the gluten free lifestyle.

Our stationery range is manufactured in Perth, Western Australia using recycled paper and vegetable-based inks.

Check out our shop to find out more about our products. Start MINIMISING cross contamination now and MAXIMISE your health. Our items also make the perfect gift for your gluten free friend, work college or family member!

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on our gluten free goodies. Post a photo of you using the products on social media. Provide a review of the product on our website. Ask as any questions at support@coelihack.com.

Image Credit: Rhiannon

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