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A few of my NEW favourite foods

Going gluten free can be daunting. All of a sudden you have to read labels, figure out how to minimise cross contamination, rearrange your kitchen, find new restaurants (and ask the right questions at restaurants) and cook with new ingredients that you may never have heard of. It can be quite a negative experience, especially when you start reminiscing about lasagne, pizza, takeaway burgers and toasties...and find that using the gluten free substitute just doesn't taste the same.

I found the transition difficult to say the least. For me, the hardest part was not feeling better straight away. I was eating all the right foods but still feeling unwell. Since I was no longer able to have my old favourites like lasagne or a simple ham and cheese toastie, I reluctantly started to try some new foods.

Some of my NEW favourite foods include:

1) Quinoa - It is a great substitute for rice and pasta. You can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hot or cold. I love the nutty taste.

2) Spaghetti Squash - A fantastic way to get in a sneaky source of vegetables. Great pasta substitute. Easy to cook in the oven. I love to have it with spaghetti or carbonara sauce.

3) Nut Butters - A great source of protein. Have on bread, as a dip or sauce on salads and chicken.

4) Rice cakes - Make them savoury or sweet with your choice of toppings. Good bread substitute. I have them for lunches or snacks.

5) Peppermint tea - Refreshing. Helps with my bloating and to settle my stomach when I have been GLUTENED.

    What are your new favourite gluten free foods?

    Image Credit: Hanako

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