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A letter to my tummy

To my tummy,

I am sorry you have been upset lately and that I haven’t been treating you as well as I should. I am sorry I haven’t been giving you the healthiest food to make you happy and function at your best. I am sorry I haven’t been giving you enough sleep to be able to do your job properly and process the food I eat. I am sorry I haven’t been able to do much exercise lately.

I know when you are in pain and angry at me. I can tell from the searing stomach pain, extreme bloating and terrible constipation. This is your way of getting my attention so that I listen to your needs and I do try my best to hear you.

I am sorry you do not like Gluten. I try my best to avoid it for you, but sometimes this can be difficult when eating out some place I have never been before.

I do try my best to make you happy…

BUT sometimes it feels like you do not care. Sometimes you cause me grief even when I have slept enough, exercised, and eaten all the right food. You can be a nuisance, especially showing up when I have something planned. You can be such a mood killer!

Why can’t we work together? I promise I will try harder to make sure you are getting everything you need. In return, can you try to minimise the sneak attacks…

We are in this body together. Forever. Let’s learn to appreciate, understand and love each other.

Love your bodily companion, 


What would you write in a letter to your tummy?

Image credit: Kate Macate

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