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Beautiful and Intact

I try to get out for a daily walk. A walk with the only purpose of keeping fit. A walk where the destinatio...
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What's on your wish list?

With the holiday season approaching, my family members are starting to ask what gifts they can buy me for C...
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A few of my NEW favourite foods

Going gluten free can be daunting. All of a sudden you have to read labels, figure out how to minimise cros...
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Behind the Product Design

We are SO excited. We are over the moon! Our products have recently arrived, and our designs have come to l...
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Trick or treat?

Everyone can get frustrated, angry, annoyed, disappointed and sad. It can occur unexpectedly and during any...
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Positive Thinking

Sometimes having coeliac disease can be extremely difficult and emotionally draining. From always needing t...
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Footy Fever

When I was growing up in Australia, one of the biggest sports that you could play or watch was the Australi...
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How do I food prep?

Today I am writing this blog post from my bed. I am in my PJs and have gone through a whole tissue box in h...
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It just wouldn't fit

Three months after I was diagnosed, I did a massive wardrobe cleanout. I tend to do this task annually...
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