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Gluten free and busy?

Having to eat Gluten Free due to having Coeliac Disease has made me a more organised individual. Between co...
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Favourite Kitchen Items

One of the most difficult things about being gluten free is struggling to find quick take-away options. As ...
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Welcome to the Gluten Free Community

I have been living Gluten Free for just over 2 years. During this time, I have had many ups and downs with ...
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Looking good while bloated

If you are like me, bloating is something you learn to live with. It comes and goes, and usually at the mos...
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Being the gluten detective

Recently, I attended a BBQ with some friends. It was to celebrate one of their birthdays, and involved cook...
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Road Trip Time

Road tripping with friends and family can be so much fun. Cruising along, listening to music, and enjo...
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Finger Food

For someone like me, I like to plan things out. This may be my project management training; it may be becau...
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How to eat out safely when gluten free

This week is Coeliac Awareness Week in Australia! It's time to spread the word about being medically requir...
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10 tips for attending a Gluten Free Expo

I love a Gluten Free expo!!! It's a fantastic day out for anyone living a gluten free lifestyle. You get to...
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